Terms Of Use

At Secret Brokerage, we are serious about protecting your privacy. All information you share with us is kept private using innovative technology to ensure that we maintain your privacy. We are also careful about following all relevant policies that guard against the use of your personal information in a way that has not been authorized. 

How we use your personal information 

SecretBrokerage.com may occasionally request some personal information from you, and this may include your e-mail address. Once visitors use our website, we may track and monitor the way you engage with our content, including what pages you visit as well as the links you click on. This information is used to provide a better user experience for visitors to our website and is used as statistical data. 

We do not engage in any black hat method to collect your personal information. Whatever information we have access to has been freely and voluntarily supplied by you. And we keep all your personal information strictly confidential. We will never buy your personal information or exchange it for any monetary or non-monetary gain. 

If you have signed up for any of our e-mails and would like to unsubscribe, kindly get in touch with us. 


When visitors visit our website, cookies may be stored on their computers. This is to help us create an enhanced experience for every visitor so that we can save your customized preferences. 

External Links 

SecretBrokerage.com may contain links to other third-party sites to add value to your experience further. Although we are careful about the sites, we select and link to, and we bear no liability for any content on the sites we link to. Neither can we take responsibility for their privacy policies. You are advised to carefully go through their terms of use and privacy policies before engaging with any third-party sites. 

Secret Brokerage Authority 

in the period when we are representing you, we reserve the right to take any exclusive action we feel might be necessary for marketing, promoting, or facilitating the acquisition of your domain. This may mean using any of our social media platforms, phone calls, or any reasonable method to achieve our goal. 

If you should agree to buy from another party through whichever platform while the agreement is still running, then Secret Brokerage will be paid the Fee by Buyer once there is a notice. 

Our Covenants 

We agree to use all commercially reasonable means to facilitate the brokerage of the Domain while the agreement is running. We shall use all due diligence and professionalism to perform all our responsibilities. In performing our responsibilities, the Buyer must be aware that we also provide such services to other Buyers and brokers. Therefore, nothing in this agreement shall be taken to mean that Secret Brokerage is offering exclusive services to any Buyer. 

Buyer’s Covenants 

For the period that your agreement with Secret Brokerage runs, the Buyer covenants expressly that Buyer will: 

  • All inquiries about the purchase of the domain of interest will be referred to as Secret Brokerage. 

  • All information given to Secret Brokerage regarding the Domain will be factual, accurate, and complete. 

  • Make available any information as reasonably requested by Secret Brokerage so that we may carry out our duties as listed here. 

  • Effect the immediate payment of the Domain to the seller or escrow agent once Secret Brokerage notifies you that the deal has closed.