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Arif Sengoren - Domain Broker
Arif Sengoren - Founder&CEO

Arif started his career in 2010 with Nokta Domains as a Domain Specialist and individually, sold, acquired thousands of domains for over 5M USD on behalf of the company.

He was part of the team that broke the highest Turkish domain sale record with 250K USD UcakBileti.com domain sale.

Arif started working for Uniregistry from 2015 to 2019, served clients all around the world, and brokered domains totaling roughly 4M USD during this time.

Moreover, he broke the highest Turkish domain sale record again with Mng.com sale. Arif has bought, sold, brokered, monetized, appraised, and marketed lots of domains in his career.

Actually, he has run the entire spectrum of domain portfolio management. After his departure, Arif focussed on buyer brokerage, domain portfolio management, and domain appraisals. Secret Brokerage founded to show his focus and assist more businesses around the world.

Jason White
Jason White - Senior Domain Broker

Jason started his domain career in 2015 with DomainNameSales/Uniregistry as a Domain Specialist and had sold and acquired thousands of domains on behalf of Uniregistry but had a solid background in sales and account management with IT, Advertising and SaaS experience. 
He helped broker the sale of the domain Drink.com at 500K USD.

During his tenure at Uniregistry he served clients all around the globe,  brokering domains totaling over 10’s of millions of dollars with sales like Sniper.com, ManCave.com, SchoolHouse.com

He broke the company domain sale record with the most domains sold in a month outside of a portfolio. 

Whether it’s buying, selling, domain appraisal or consultation, Jason is there to help! 

Secret Brokerage was founded to assist more businesses around the world to buy, appraise, and manage domains and Jason is proud to be a part of that! 
Darryl Lopes
 Darryl Lopes - Senior Domain Broker

Darryl previously worked as a Domain Broker at Uniregistry.com (formerly DomainNameSales.com) for 4 and a half years where he brokered hundreds of domain names and sales totaling millions of dollars for the owned & operated portfolio as well as clients all over the world.

Darryl is passionate about the domain industry & helping domainers & domain investors, He has created Domain Talk telegram group with hundreds of members & written an ebook called "How to get started in domain names" which is on Amazon.com.

You can connect with Darryl on Twitter @darryllopes or send an email
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