Frequently Asked Questions

Domain Acquisition

  • Domain acquisition is a process starting with identifying the domains/domains to be acquired, establishing the budget, finding the owner/owners of a domain, negotiating on behalf of a client, facilitating the payment through an escrow process, and completing the transfer.
  • Just as our name suggests, Secret Brokerage is 100% committed to protecting your privacy. We understand that acquiring or buying a domain name can be a delicate transaction, and your anonymity needs to be preserved. We have acquired and sold domain names for several clients over the years, including corporations, institutions, public corporations, and individuals. When you come to Secret Brokerage, your privacy is guaranteed. Unless we get your express permission to do so, we do not declare what domain names we have acquired.
  • Domain Acquisition is the method used in acquiring a domain name for your business. Your domain name is an intangible asset and should be treated as such. Choosing the right domain name is essential because this is what represents your company on the web. It says a lot about your brand and what you do. Sometimes, however, the domain names that best represent your company might belong to someone else. At Secret Brokerage, we help you choose the right domain name, then search out the owner (if that name is unavailable). Once we are able to reach the owner, we make an offer and then begin negotiations to acquire the domain. We are eager to go the extra mile to research the market and then make use of creative strategies to meet your needs. Each client is different, and your domain name needs are unique; therefore, we treat all our clients individually to ensure that your needs are met. 
  • Our pricing is pretty straightforward. We charge $99 US/domain to start with. In case of a deal, our commission is 5% of the agreed price plus 15% of the discount we get through the negotiations. We simply make more when you pay less for your desired domain name.
  • Once there is a viable transaction, and the sale goes through, it's time to make payment for the domain to the seller. We use for all domain transactions. is a third-party service that helps to protect the interests of both the buyer and the seller in a domain name transaction. Once a deal has been made, and both parties agree to the terms, then the funds for the agreed amount are placed into an escrow account until all the terms and conditions are fulfilled by both sides. When both parties are satisfied that all the contractual obligations have been fulfilled, then the funds can be released. This is a way to give you the security that the sale will not fall through. Also, it is a way to preserve your anonymity since your financial details are never disclosed. The seller is paid through, and the funds are released once the domain is transferred. The escrow fees are paid by the buyer. 
  • We will undoubtedly do everything (reasonable) within our power to ensure that we get in touch with the owner of the domain name that you want to buy. While we cannot guarantee the acquisition of the domain name, we will explore every legal means, including e-mail, Skype, phone calls, instant messaging, whatever it takes for 30 days. However, there are times when the domain in question might not be for sale, or after trying all we can, we are still unable to reach the owner. Where that happens, we will explore the best possible alternative. 

  • In technical terms, it is not feasible to purchase or possess a domain name indefinitely. Nevertheless, as long as you continue to pay the yearly renewal fee for a domain name, you retain control over it.
  • The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) holds ownership over all available domains. When you register a domain through a domain registrar and maintain the payment of renewal fees, you become the legal owner of the domain.
  • The answer is twofold. On one hand, domain investing operates as a business similar to real estate, with numerous individuals and companies engaging in buying and selling domain names for profit. On the other hand, it is not feasible to achieve success as a domain investor without possessing knowledge, discipline, and sufficient capital.
  • Assessing the value of a domain is a highly subjective procedure that necessitates abundant public and private data from the market, and above all, significant market expertise on the part of the appraiser.

Domain Brokers

  • A domain broker is an individual or a company that represents domain owners or potential domain buyers in the process of buying or selling domain names. In the event of buying, they assist in identifying a budget, finding the domains’ owner, negotiating on behalf of you to acquire the domain for the lowest price possible, and facilitating a secure payment and transfer process. In the event of selling, they assist in setting a price, finding potential buyers, negotiating on behalf of the owner, and facilitating the transfer process. A domain broker can also assist you with domain appraisals and domain portfolio optimization to maximize your revenue from your assets and protect your domains.
  • Before choosing a domain broker, the most important question is, why do you need a domain broker? Are you interested in buying a domain name? Are you interested in selling a domain name? Do you need an appraisal for a domain name? Alternatively, do you need to optimize your portfolio to maximize your revenue? Some brokers are only focused on selling, some are only focused on acquiring, and some brokers do not appraise domains while others do. Once you have your answer, then you can start researching from search engines, blogs, etc. You should check brokers’ credibility in the market, their track record, and their expertise.
  • The most common number is 15%. While some brokers take less than this percentage, some brokers take more. What you need to be sure of is knowing the percentage of broker taking before going deeper.
  • Definitely. Experienced domain brokers with a proven track record have a huge network from domain owners to registrars, marketplaces to investors. In addition to this network, domain brokers know how to find the owners, and how to negotiate and arrange a secure payment. They also provide high-level confidentiality when needed.
  • A domain broker is a person or entity that builds a bridge between domain name buyers, sellers, and portfolio owners. They assist their clients to buy their desired domains, they help domain investors and sellers to sell their domains and optimizer their portfolio. Notable domain brokers have an extensive experience in the domain market and a vast network.
  • Similar to any other industry, the domain market also has individuals with malicious intentions. It is crucial that you thoroughly research and investigate before selecting a domain broker for your needs.

Domain Appraisal

  • Domain appraisal is a complex process of developing an opinion or a market value for a domain name.
  • There are several factors that go into valuing a domain, and these include the age of the domain name, comparable sales, search volume, market trends, market experience and so much more. Each of these factors is important in helping us determine the market value of your domain name. If you are buying a domain name, this is relevant because it ensures that you get the best possible price for your asset. In domain acquisitions, it means that you can buy your domain name based on the true value, not on the perception of how deep your pockets appear to be. 

    At Secret Brokerage, our domain appraisal methods are transparent and straightforward. We employ proven strategies to filter through what is not relevant and focus on the factors that determine the value of the domain name. 

    We take our job of appraising domains very seriously because we know that it is a significant factor in the domain business. This is our area of expertise, and we have spent more than a decade honing these skills so that we can deliver an experience that is seamless and hassle-free for you. 

  • When it comes to appraisals, we also like to keep things simple. Our fee is $59 US for the Glimpse Appraisal Report and $89 US for the Deep Appraisal Report for up to 50 domains. We deliver the results of our domain appraisals to your inbox within a business day. 
  • Very rare. An expert touch is a crucial component in domain appraisals. While automated appraisals may analyze all the available data, the true value is absent without the involvement of an experienced expert.
  • Domain appraisal service is a professional estimation process that targets to find out the commercial value of a domain name. The service takes into account lots of factors and the experience of the appraiser.
  • The most accurate domain name appraisal is the correct harmony of data and expert experience. Automated appraisals are missing expert experience and only expert instincts are not enough to prepare an accurate appraisal without data.
  • It is not advisable to assess the value of your domains unless you possess expertise in the domain market. Nevertheless, if you wish to gain an understanding, you can consider examining factors such as the search volume of relevant keywords, the length, and extension of the domain name, and attempt to find comparable sales to get an estimation of your domain name's value.

Portfolio Management

  • A domain portfolio is an inventory of domain names. The number of domains in a portfolio varies from a few dozen to hundreds of thousands of domain names.
  • Domain portfolio management refers to the process of managing a collection of domain names, often for the purpose of maximizing their value or utility.
  • You are the best domain portfolio manager for your own domain portfolio! However, some of the domain portfolio owners create emotional bounding with their domains. This, sometimes, causes high pricing for their domains or registering/buying low-tier domains for higher prices. In the end, low sales numbers, and low profitability. An expert idea or assistance never hurts.
  • There are several ways to create a domain portfolio: Registering domains, joining auctions, buying domains, and sometimes even portfolios from other domain investors. The most optimized way is mixing all options and creating a balance.