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Buying a domain is a bit trickier than you think

There are no ground rules which can help to determine the value of a domain. Therefore, the domain world is very subjective.

Be Careful in a Very Subjective Domain World
Be Careful in a Very Subjective Domain World

You need to have 2 skill sets to get the lowest price possible

Knowing the real value of a domain and negotiation skills are very crucial for buying a domain. These skill sets will put you ahead of your opponent.

Without skills, you will end up losing money and time

Most of the domain sellers try to sell their domains way more than their real value. Thus, with the right skill set, you can end up buying a domain at 70% off the initial offer.

Be Careful in a Very Subjective Domain World

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Some domains which are bought by our customers

Domain Asking Price Deal Discount
C***** $28,995 $22,500 23%
C****oM**** $29,750 $15,000 49%
Es****A* $70,000 $24,500 65%
E*****Sea***.com $95,900 $24,000 75%
M******.ai $35,000 $17,500 50%
C*****.tv $35,000 $25,000 29%
N**Ex******.com $125,000 $57,000 55%
P**H*****.com $150,000 $120,000 20%
St*****.com $300,000 $180,000 40%
Tra******.com $140,000 $45,000 68%

Work with an experienced expert of 10 years or more


Work with a industry specific negotiator


Work with a professional agent


I have closed numerous domain acquisitions with Arif seamlessly and efficiently. You can expect 100% transparency and unrivalled advice on securing the right name for your business. Arif's experience and wealth of contracts in the industry ensure you're in great hands. A pleasure to do business with.
Rob Watson - GoDaddy LLC
Working with Arif and Secret Brokerage has been a genuine pleasure, from start to finish. Very professional, easy to work with and quick in response. I have felt save and prioritized throughout the process.
Erik Zetterberg
I used the service of Secret Brokerage for 5 domain price appraisals. I‘m very satisfied with the service, paying and the very detailed appraisal report! I can highly recommend the service from Arif especially for people which don’t have the time to do a deeper research. All that is done with the Secret Brokerage service for a very fair price!
Antonio Eck
Arif is a fantastic broker! His hard work and promptness were quintessential to closing a deal. I'm looking forward to and I'm excited to close more deals soon!
Hobi Michalec - Lumis Group


Some corporate domain brokers are just a middleman between parties. They only find the domain owners and pass on the information from a party to another. Each domain negotiation has its uniquness and needs to be managed by an expert who has at least 10 years experience.

An expert has at least 10 years of heads-on experience in each stage of domain industry, such as domain appriasal, domain acqusition, domain selling, domain portfolio management.

Working with an expert, you don't hire a middleman, you hire a strong negotiator who fights to lower the prices.


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work with an expert to
save time and money

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